The European Union and the Russian Federation are bound by close ties of partnership in economic and trade, energy, scientific cooperation, education, investment, transport, environment and climate change just to name a few areas.

During last few years the European Union hasinvested more and more into cooperation in the field of research, education, and projects for youth. Through our contacts we are increasingly aware of the need for providing possibilities for contacts, exchanges in all fields across the European Union and Russia.

In order to meet these needs, we set up interactive internet resources with an aim to give a voice and a platform for these exchanges.

The main goals and objectives:
    Promotion of international cooperation for development and implementation of future technologies;
    Promote the harmonization of quality standards for European and Russian goods and services through the introduction of certification of conformity of products and services by European standards;
    International cooperation in science and education

To participate in the consortium, every organization, regardless of location, legal status and activities.

Registration of participation in the consortium:

To enable the organization of the consortium must submit the following documents:

  • Scanned copy of the application (in any form), signed by the head of the institution and stamped
  • Brief information on the establishment (2-3 pages)


The documents are available on E-mail: esic@euscience.info

European scientific and industrial consortia awards medals best citizens regardless of their country of residence, nationality and religion. The criterion is the professionalism of the winner and his most responsible attitude to work and society. ESIC also awarded to institutions of higher quality with a special diploma and a diploma with honors.